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September 7th, 2011


I am from a small city in Alabama. I am not a redneck by any stretch of the imagination, I am a southern conservative woman who is sick of the way politicians are ducking out on doing the right thing.

For all intents and purposes no one knows the real me. I am married and the mother of two but while some of my friends know portions of the real me, my family is clueless.

I have decided to use this journal as a cathartic means of sanity.

I strive to be open minded and accepting of people's differences, one of my friends wears heels all the time, he has had a hard life and I want to dance at his wedding one day, not a civil union or domestic partnership, I said wedding!!!

So confession time, I am a straight 30 year old woman who believes that marriage should be legal for everyone no matter what the gender.

Not so secret is my love of sports. I love my hockey team and would appreciate if whoever reads this goes to saveuahhockey.com and signs the petition to keep our division 1 hockey team alive and competing. Until next time!

May 25th, 2011

If you decided to start a band, what would you name your first album?

I would call my first album Finally, because it would be like announcing that the time had finally come for the world to hear our music!!!!

Writer's Block: Spellbound

If you could get your hands on a talent duplicator machine, whose talents would you want, and why?

I would want Idina Menzel's talent!! The way that woman can sing is amazing!! If I could have her talent I would win a Tony!!! I would love to have that much ability and not be afraid to use it!
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